Thursday, March 5, 2009

An update on us and a website re-imagining

Our stint on FAILSAFE proved two things to us:

1. Lily's eczema can clear with dietary modification, thus our issues ARE food related (or at the very least, food-adjacent);

2. Our issues are not necessarily IgX allergies or intolerances (even though we do know Lily for certain has an IgE allergy to dairy).

After some research and investigation, collaboratively with some awesome ladies online, we're exploring the concept of inefficient detoxification of naturally occurring food and environmental chemicals, in conjunction with exposure to toxins (IN OUR CASE, use of antibiotics in birth and early post-partum, and the front-loading of childhood vaccinations - 13 injections by 6m, yikes!)

My new approach is to no longer try to keep her skin pristine by avoidance. I know that her body is having a hard time processing things and I wish to support her body in its natural process. We've realized that we've need to move forward and support the body's functioning, not avoid it's malfunctioning.

Therefore, we went to a four-day rotational diet. We started reintroducing foods one at a time into the rotation, watching for build-up reactions. Corn and peanut butter seemed okay, but seemed to build up. We aren't strictly avoiding them anymore, but aren't purposefully eating them as staples in the rotation.

Finally, on to the re-imagining of this website. I think I'm just going to post what we're eating everyday (recipes as appropriate - mostly sauces and baked goods), and maybe a commentary on possibly "reactions" and what that might mean for our various detox pathways and vitamin & mineral needs at the moment.

As always, feedback is welcome.

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ejatpsyche said...

I have found your site very interesting. I worked with kiddos who have autism (or related) diagnoses and they have many allergies which manifest in the form of, really, anything imaginable. It's fantastic that you're going to these lengths to feel normal while finding recipes that you and your kiddos can enjoy regularly - and your husband can go along with. :-) I'll be sharing your site on my Facebook page shortly.